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Installation; tape, glue

96" x 16" x 8"


External forces tug and pull at our minds; begging to invade. This piece attempts to illustrate the occupancy of uncontrollable forces in the human brain. What does an individual do with the influx? It can be argued that it is our moral duty to ourselves to do spring cleaning. By taking an active role in the filtering of incoming information, we may spare ourselves extra turmoil down the road. Something uncomfortable starts to happen to a person when they do not prioritize this filtering process. Loss of identity, compromised management abilities, decreased daily attention and self-application, and more; these things start to manifest. Especially during periods of growth and learning, humans are pressured to excel in personal, social, and professional environments. On top of all of this, growing people must learn to philosophize; find their purpose. Philosophizing is a part of life, but on top of social duties, to what extent is an individual really able to think?

The artist uses both curved and rectilinear line in the rendering of this embellished figure in order to represent the diversity and complexity of human thought. By carefully lacing tape and yarn around this beam; building moments of contained detail, the artist creates a feeling of tension. Borders are challenged, and rules of figure rendering are undermined in this installation piece. A troubled man sitting in a coffee shop, thinking to the ends of the universe and back, may see a version of himself in this image.

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