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Zoe Mae is an illustrator, fine artist, designer, and creative writer located in the Twin Cities. Her work has been published in For Women Who Roar, Writing for Peace86 Logic, among others; and has won superior ratings and scholarship awards at the Selections Visual Arts Festival and AZ Gallery. She is the recipient of two Undergraduate Research Grants for her curation and exhibition of "Bayt Jadeed: Seeking Home" (2019) as well as "La Femme" (2021); and is a winner of the Joseph O’Connell Art Scholarship as well as the Manitou Creative Writing Fellowship of the Literary Arts Institute at the College of Saint Benedict. She studied ancient calligraphy and martial arts in Bei Bei, China at Southwest University. In 2021, Zoe received her bachelor's degree in Studio Art with a minor in English Writing from the College of Saint Benedict. To process constructs of femininity and power she draws with graphite, ink, and colored pencils; makes watercolor paintings; and writes creative non-fiction essays and poetry.

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